Choosing the Best Exit Strategy

Profitable Options for Selling Your Business

Exit strategies and selling your businessReal wealth is not made by starting a company.  And it’s not made by growing a company. Real wealth is made by selling your company.  True North Business Navigation Professionals help you realize a profitable exit strategy.

As your business intermediary, True North helps sell your company to a qualified buyer willing to pay a premium based on the current and future value of the company you have worked hard to build.


Maybe you would like to retire, or maybe it’s time to pass the family business to the next generation. For one reason or another, many business owners will face a time when they need to transfer their ownership rights to another person or entity.

True North Business Navigation Professionals explain different exit strategies business owners should consider, helping to implement the best exit strategy.


By selling a business in full, you will transfer ownership immediately and receive payment for your assets right away.


If you prefer to sell the business using a long-term payment plan, a gradual sale provides income over several years, in addition to earning interest income and reducing taxes.

Now is the Time to Plan Your Exit Strategy

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