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Mapping out the future of your company requires forward-thinking financial expertise.

As Business Navigation Professionals, True North offers Success-Building Services in a part-time CFO role to chart the course and implement successful corporate growth strategies.

Company Growth

True North CFO Services include identifying ideal acquisition prospects and executing well-negotiated business acquisitions.

Increasing Value

To improve productivity, cash flow, and ROI, True North provides experienced analysis of operations, marketing, administrative, and managerial practices to implement solutions based on proven financial management practices.

The Bottom Line

Clients rely on True North CFO Services to design and/or modify management reporting systems and processes to have the best information available for management ROI decision making.

In a CFO role, True North analyzes business operations, recommends innovative corporate financial options, and develops fiscally-sound business strategies for your corporate growth:

  • Business Process Reviews
  • Information Systems
  • Market trends, risks and issues
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Competitor performance
  • Strategic planning
  • Evaluation of new business opportunities
  • Special projects
  • Incentive Compensation Plans
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