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Selling your business for a profitTrue North Business Navigation Professionals use a proven business intermediary process that results in optimizing financial outcomes for our clients.

As your business intermediary, True North adheres to a process used throughout the investment banking community – which is vastly different than the process used by business brokers.


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Setting the Asking Price Upfront Can Hurt You

Anytime a business seller sets an asking price on the business it is to the detriment of the seller and advantage of the buyer.

Even the best business valuation experts cannot tell you exactly what your business is worth. There are just to many variables that impact the price such as payment terms, exactly what is being sold and what isn’t, employment/consulting agreements, non-compete agreements, warranties, intellectual property licensing, etc.

  • If the asking price is set inappropriately high, educated buyers will take the attitude that the seller is completely unreasonable and the buyer won’t consider the acquisition opportunity. This hurts the seller by removing these potential buyers.
  • If the asking price is set inappropriately low, then the seller has placed a ceiling on the transaction and will most likely never be able to get more than the asking price which also hurts the seller.

Finding the Right Buyer for Your Business

The True North process requires tremendous time and effort to research the universe of potential buyers.

  • True North sends a blind letter to these prequalified buyers which points out many of the strengths of the business opportunity but does not disclose the identity of the business.
  • Those buyers who express interest to learn more must sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) which then entitles them to receive a professional detailed Offering Memorandum package.
  • With enough buyers involved, True North creates a controlled auction between buyers which by its nature drives up the price that the seller will ultimately receive.
  • Without setting an asking price the process guarantees the seller the optimum outcome.
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