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Impressive 80% Success Rate for Client Business Transactions

Dennis Houston, CMAIn his role as business sale intermediary, Dennis Houston, CMA  delivers an impressive 80% to 90% success rate for client business divestitures. In comparison, local and national averages of successful business transactions by business brokers typically range between 20% to 30 percent.

For most business owners who plan to sell their business this will be the largest financial transaction of their life. Choosing a successful business intermediary to facilitate such an important event is paramount.

What is a Business Intermediary?

True North excels at selling middle market companies with annual revenues from $2,000,000 to $50,000,000. As your business intermediary, Dennis Houston undertakes these very important roles on behalf of the business seller:

Educating and Coaching

Buying and selling a middle market company is a complex transaction. One of the key functions of a business intermediary is draw upon their experience with buy-sell deals in order to educate and coach the seller, buyer and professional advisors.[/one_third]

Team Building

As an experienced business intermediary, True North Business Navigation Professionals can effectively pull a professional team together, keep everyone’s focus on the overall transaction, and help assure overlapping issues don’t “fall through the cracks.”


Setting objectives and planning for their attainment is crucial for buyers and sellers. True North provides valuable assistance in the role of consultant, gad-fly, devil’s advocate, and voice of reason when establishing exit and succession strategies for the business.

Our Role as Business Intermediary

Both buyers and sellers must prepare for a successful deal. True North Business Navigation Professionals provide business intermediary services including guidance on important steps to take for buyers preparing to enter the market and sellers going to market.

One of the most significant and daunting challenges facing a buyer or seller of a small company is finding the other side of the transaction. True North Business Navigation Professionals invest care and time identifying potential buyers and sellers and “making a match.”

Sellers need to present their companies properly to prospective buyers. However, buyers may underestimate the importance of how they present themselves to sellers. True North helps both parties position and present themselves clearly, legally, thoroughly and professionally.

How much is a company worth? It’s often a tough question. The answer has to be connected to what reasonable buyers and sellers will do. Deal structure is often as important as price.

True North interfaces closely with the buyer and seller as well as the CPAs and attorneys to develop a balanced, tax-efficient deal. Working with reasonable, realistic, empathetic and fair minded principals, Dennis Houston, CMA can help design a transaction valued and structured in ways that can work for both parties.

Structuring an Offer
Designing an effective offer to sell or an offer to buy is critical. As a business intermediary with a proven track record, True North Business Navigation Professionals invest great care in the design of offers, because frequently, the quality of the offer makes all the difference between success and failure.

Clearly, this is an important intermediary role for for True North. And yet, if the educating, team building, planning, preparing, finding, presenting, valuing and offering has been well done, negotiating is dramatically simplified.

Sometimes hard things need to be said to make a deal. When necessary, True North steps to cushion the impact in order to ensure other participants to the transaction can maintain effective relationships.

Business intermediaries are not attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, environmental consultants, or personnel experts.

While business owners can’t rely on an intermediary for tax and legal advice, a True North business intermediary can help owners ask good questions and help them understand some of the business implications of the professional advice they receive.

Dennis Houston, CMA is highly skilled to help reconcile the some-times divergent concerns of the various advisors and suggest approaches that can satisfy all concerned.

This is one of the most important functions True North performs as a business intermediary. Deals don’t stand still. They either move forward or die. Someone has to drive the train and maintain positive momentum. Once a deal starts, our job as intermediary is to try to move it to a successful and satisfactory closure.

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